ZTE's industry leading Uni-RAN solution helps operators build high performance, energy saving, convergent, and smoothly evolved wireless network. ZTE CDMA SDR platform can provide flexible, convenient and low-cost expansion/evolution solutions to protect operators' long-term investment.

Flexible Convergence

With re-programmable Radio Parts and hardware reusable Baseband Part included, ZTE RAN Platforms can provide flexible convergence to carriers to protect their investments.
Flexible convergence to protect carriers' investment

ZTE Uni-RAN solution shares equipment and infrastructure to save Transmission, save Room Space, save Power and Battery, save Feeder and Cable, and reuse Pole and Antenna

Enhanced Transmission Efficiency

Compare with the legacy T1, ZTE compress technology improves the transmission efficiency by 61% more: Less required bandwidth per BTS; ZTE patented IP compression technology; Bandwidth sharing between CDMA and EV-DO, or GSM and UMTS. ZTE SDR BTS supports backhaul aggreagtion for legacy equipment to save legacy transmission cost.

Save Room and Space

BBU installed in outdoor cabinet w/Battery and Power. One Cabinet can harbor 3 technologies. Outdoor site greatly save site rental cost and power consumption of air conditioner. .
Packing more calls per T1
Share equipment and infrastructure

A series of leading techniques adopted to save power

  • High-efficiency power amplification;
  • large-capacity RF system can be used to reduce the power consumption of the single-sector RF link;
  • The automatic carrier shutdown technique can reduce the power overhead of the BTS by adjusting the number of carriers provided by the BTS according to the change of BTS traffic;
  • The outdoor SDR BTS uses heat exchangers to replace air conditioners, eliminating the power consumption of the air conditioners;
  • The automatic temperature control system in the equipment room can be used independently or with air conditioners to save power and adjust the BTS environment temperature 24/7.
Passive thermal dissipation

Feeder Fiber Cable

Fiber and power is combined in one cable to provide IQ signal and power supply and eliminate extra power cable run per RRU.

Industry Leading BBU and RRU Design

Less weight, less footprint and less power consumption;
Less boards quantity, low maintenance cost, high integration and high reliability;
Higher power to support more carriers and better coverage;
Higher receive sensitivity to support better coverage and help uplink performance.

Other Features

Unified O&M Solution
Intelligent Built-In:
    Network Planning (capacity planning and monitoring)
    Network Optimization (RF coverage and performance analysis, neighbour construct)
    Network Operation (voice quality care, data service experience)
    Business Development (business service and terminal analysis assistant)

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