Efficient Integration, Smooth Evolution---ZTE ZXR10 Ethernet Switch Series

The Most Preferred ZTE Switch for all Operators

As one of the originators of Ethernet switch in China, ZTE due to its powerful R&D crew composed by over 1000 staff and rich market experiences in the last 12 years now has got nearly 100 models of Ethernet switch ranging from high-end model to low-end model. With outstanding strength and experiences, it is now helping operator and enterprise network customer to realize network evolution.

All-Around Solutions Showing Integrated Customer Value

Based upon profound understanding on IP network and Customer demand, ZTE always keep an eye on advanced technology and customer demand, so it gives quick response to customer demand and tries its best to help operator to build developable, reliable, efficient and eco-friendly network.
1. Smooth Evolution Capability, Save Customer Investment
With integrated consideration on future development, ZXR10 switch series is designed with fully shared and compatible hardware, modular software that is capable of smooth upgrade and increasingly integrated key chip/module.
Full series of products - The ZXR10 series of switches include products from Layer 2 switches to large-capacity multilayer switches.
ZXR10 8900/5900E series switch has rich service modules, firewall, and various service cards like Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). Due to its flexible configuration, it greatly reduces user’s CAPEX.
2. Support Multi-Service Scenario, Meet Various Customers Business Needs
ZXR10 switch series fully support Metro-E scenario, IP BACKHAUL scenario, MAN enhanced Ethernet aggregation scenario, IPTV/NGN/2G/3G/Wimax bearer scenario, enterprise network community scenario and datacenter scenario. So far, it has got a variety of network application experiences.
Metro-E Scenario
Integrated capability for supporting L2/L3 MPLS VPN
Fully support IPTV service (200ms buffer, controllable multicast)
50ms fast convergence (TE FRR,GR,NSF,BFD for LDP)
H-QoS (5-level scheduling, up to 64K)
Support clock synchronization
1588v2 and synchronous Ethernet, the precise can be 10ns
Rich OAM Methods(Ethernet OAM, MPLS OAM)
Enterprise Network and Community Network Scenario
Rich service modules
Firewall and DPI modules
Fully support IPv6 capability
50ms-based ZESR+ convergence technology
3. Energy Saving, Emission Reduction and Environment Protection
ZTE always insists in making “Green” Data Products and solutions. Holding philosophy on carrying out eco-friendly and sustaining development, ZTE pays attention to its environmental performance. Considering product life cycle, ZTE tries its best to avoid bad influences to the environment. The product completely accords with RoHS, CE and FCC certification standard.
Intelligent Software Inverter
ZXR10 ROS operating system software handles integrated intelligent monitoring to rack temperature, fan seed, service load, and UTP length. It arranges intelligent inverter to system voltage, chip, software process and fan speed, so that the device saves energy when it is idle.
45nm chip technology
It uses new technology to make 45nm chip which features high integrality and easier PCB.

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