ZTE Fixed Access Facts

ZTE Fixed Network has a strong R&D team for  access solutions:  
    More than 3,000 engineers in R&D team;
    Provides full series of access network products and solutions, including:
           PON: EPON, GPON, 10GEPON, NG-PON
           DSL: ADSL, ADSL2+, SHDSL, VDSL, VDSL2 
           MSAN: TDM V5, MSAG
           CPE: PON ONU/ONT, Modem, Home Gateway
           MGW: TG, SG, BGW
    Deployed by more than 150 operators in over 100 countries

A Future-proof Network Requires Broadband & Convergence

ZTE FTTx Total Solution Help Operator Increase QoS and QoE. The rapid development of FTTx brings new chance and challenge for service, especially broadband service and service convergence. This not only help operators get more subscriber and more profits, but also bring more requirements on network function, performance, management and maintenance.
FTTH is the trend. Among all the fiber access technologies, PON is widely accepted because of adopting passive nodes, costs less in construction, operation and maintenance, and is easy for transparent services and convenient upgrade. PON is a solution for full service provision.
As one of the top leaders in access layer network development and member of many standard organizations, ZTE keeps up with the development of new technologies and international standards, and devotes itself in providing more valuable products and solutions to the subscribers.
Based on the deep understanding of customer requirements and technology development, ZTE, with its ZXA10 xPON solution, help operators increase QoS and QoE in the construction of the access layer network.
Broadband & Convergence

Trends: Fiber-in and Copper-out

DSL will still be the mainstream of the broadband technology in the near future;
VDSL2 technology is mining the final potential of copper;
PON technology is rapidly developing, and it will be the main access mode in medium and long term;
Optical and copper hybrid network is another solutiong for fiber coming to the end users.

ZTE provides total solution and series of products for FTTx, meet the requirements of FTTH, FTTB, FTTO, FTTC and other scenarios, and uses the existing network cooper cable resource and provides high bandwidth and multiple service access.

A One-stop-intensive Access

Services: Voice, Internet, Leased line, E1, Video Conference, Wifi n3G backhaul, Pico, Femtocell;
Requirements: Centralized customers, Multi-service, high bandwidth, Security, QoS 
Solutions: One FTTx, access all n E1, DSL, Voice, Wifi, FE interfaces in MDU/ONU, Type B protection
Benefits: Using the existing copper cable to reduce engineering cost. Difference users according to importance, security and interface requirements.

Meets the Demand of Distributed Users

Services: Voice and broadband, Currently V5, in the future VoIP, IPTV in the future;
Requirements: Existing site or cabinet, Higher bandwidth for IPTV
Solutions: Move or add access nodes nearer to end-users, less than 1.5km, MSAN to provide Voice/BB; Benefits: Use the existing copper cable. Easy to provide customized access for marketing.

ODN Solutions Help Deploy PON Network

ODN, as part of the PON network, generally costs a lot of the total expense in PON network deployment in different application modes. ODN is also the most complicated and difficult part in PON network design and deployment. Many carriers focus on how to build ODN, what they should do, and how to provide services to the end users through ODN.

Based on its profound understanding on PON technology and ODN architecture, ZTE provides series of ODN products including ODF, racks, optical cross-connection cabinet, distribution cabinet, information box, splitter, fiber, splice, connectors, closures and other attachments to meet the requirements from markets. On the other hand, End to end solutions is provided for FTTH, FTTB, FTTC, FTTO and other scenarios.
ODN sloutions help deploy PON network

MSAN Solution Help Build Flexible and Multi-play Service Network

Telecom field has entered the period of transition with the theme of convergence. Convergence is also ongoing at the access layer. One integrated access platform for all kinds of access can realize unified plan, unified construction, unified service provision and unified maintenance so that it will greatly decrease both CapEx and OpEx.
ZTE’s Flexible MSAN Solution can be used in different network scenarios.For the TDM voice service, The MSAN connects to PSTN network via V5 interface. The access network structure can be a traditional optical line terminal (OLT)-optical network unit (ONU) link or an ONU with a direct connection to the PSTN. In the OLT-ONU structure, the built-in MSTP will be used for service transmission and the ONU can be deployed anywhere to realize FTTx because of the flexible networking capability of the built-in MSTP.
ZTE’s MSAN can be smoothly migrated from the access equipment used in PSTN to the access gateway used in NGN and IMS, to keep up with evolution requirements while protecting operators’ existing investments. Both the OLT and ONU can be upgraded to an access gateway. 
Aggregating multiple technologies into a single platform, the solution enables operators to glide from traditional service to triple-play services over a variety of access technologies. and to remain competitive in the period of convergence and evolution of the world of communications. ZTE MSAN can bring following benefits to customers:
    Access layer convergence to decrease TCO
    Smooth evolution to save investment
    Bandwidth expansion to enhance multimedia experience to attract broadband users
    Traditional service inherits to guarantee the operator’s revenue

End-to-End Service Solution

ZTE Easyservice provides an end to end service solution for fixed access networks. It offers a service assurance solution oriented towards broadband access networks, builds a broadband service support platform for broadband service providers. Through different software modules, Easyservice organically implements such functions as predicting, confirming, monitoring, analyzing, providing early warnings for, and diagnosing broadband services, and optimizes the O&M support flow of broadband services, helping the operator lower O&M costs and improve user satisfaction.
  • Powerful FTTx network fault diagnosis and self-recovery function
  • Optimized flow of broadband O&M and improving broadband service efficiency
  • Easy to use, install, and extend
  • Service quality prediction and confirmation to guarantee quality of service activation
  • Zero-contact service activation to save operator's investment
  • Characteristic fault and performance early warning mechanism to effectively prevents faults
  • Service quality statistics and analysis to improve the broadband service level

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