ZTE communication GGSN product ZXWN GGSN is one of the main NE in PS domain for ZTE core network solution, which provides dialog management, encapsulation and de-encapsulation of the user's data, data message routing retransmission and message filtrating, depth testing etc.

ZXWN GGSN is based on the ZTE communication all IP unified platform. It is used in the various core networks, such as GSM, UMTS, and TD-SCDMA, to help operators to built steady, reliable and lower TCO network, and smoothly evolutes Green mobile communication network.


Advancedsystem structure
Design of ZXWN GGSN is strictly compliance to 3GPP R6/R7, adown to R5/R4/R99. It provides downward compatible with the version of R5/R4/R99, and can smoothly evolve to R8.

Unified All IP platform
ZXWN GGSN is based on ZTE unified ALL-IP platform, Based on this hardware system architecture, it can smoothly evolve to EPC/SAE.
The unified platform uses distributed processing architecture, supports high scalability and realizes smooth expansion.

Large volume and high integration
ZXWN GGSN adopts the distributed processing architecture using a unified platform, which ensures the large volume, high capacity and high level of integration, and reduces the number of nodes, CAPEX and OPEX.

Opening interfaces and flexible network ability
ZXWN GGSN provides the open and standard interfaces and supports GSM/UMTS/TD-SCDMA network flexibly, which enables smooth evolution and expansion..
ZXWN GGSN supports IP, TDM, and ATM transmission, and provides wide range of E1, FE, GE, POS, and ATM physical interfaces to meet different network requirements.

High reliability
Excellent redundancy protection mechanism, realize multi-level backup mechanism and disaster redundancy solution for interface, board and NE, which ensures system reliability for hardware.
Multi-level overload control and alarm mechanism protect system from high load shock by stopping some services when system is overloaded, which further ensures system reliability for software.