ZTE GSM/UMTS products focus on network convergence, smooth evolution and energy saving on macro perspective and also concern network coverage, network capacity and service innovation on micro perspective. ZTE leads the industry HSPA R&D progress and has acquired great achievements.

The Era of Multi-Mode/Frequency Networking: Uni-RAN Solution:

ZTE's SDR-based Uni-RAN provides an industry leading solution that meets all foreseeable primary needs to efficiently protect the investment and fulfill the requirements on new technologies and high data services with cutting-down TCO.

ZTE SDR 4 Key Features:

MCPA-based broadband Radio Unit with multi-mode supported;
Sufficient output power of HPA with lower power consumption;
MicroTCA structure Base Band Unit with high reliability and easy expansion;
High integrity & processing capability, upgrade to HSPA+ via software, minimum upgrade cost to support LTE.

Cost Effective Solution

Reduced Site Number:

Large Capacity means Less Site Number. ZTE Uni-RAN solution can be software defined to support different technologies and highlighted in huge capacity. RX sensitivity is 1.5 dB higher than the industry level with 10% larger radium and 20% larger coverage. RRU can be remotely deployed near the antenna and the loss of signal can be reduced. Site number and auxiliary investment are greatly reduced.

Long Term OPEX Savings:

SDR base station adopts high PA technology and achieves 50% PA efficiency and is equipped with intelligent energy-saving and natural cooling techniques. It also supports full-IP network, greatly increasing the network flexibility and reducing the transmission rental costs. Less sites and racks means less cost for purchasing, spare parts and maintenance. Low Power Consumption, IP Networking, and Transmission Saving & Simple Network all contribute to long term OPEX savings.

Easy Deployment:

SDR-based DBS supports flexible installation. BBU can be installed in racks or on the wall. RRU can be deployed on the wall, on the top of tower, or on the pole. ZTE new RRU supports three sectors within one RRU and 2/3 of the installation space can be saved, compared to conventional DBS.
Compact Design
Flexible Installation

Smooth Evolution Path

SDR base station supports EDGE+ and HSPA+ just by software upgrading, and supports LTE technology by adding LTE baseband board and related RRU module. This can help reduce the investment and protect the existing investment maximally.
Evolving From HSPA to HSPA+/LTE —— Software Upgrade with ZTE SDR Solution

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