GSM / UMTS Home Location Register ZXUN HLR is one of ZXUN USPP series products, which manages user data of ZTE unified core network and provides GSM/UMTS HLR/(Home Location Register)function. It achieves mobility management, call routing, supplementary services, SMS business, GPRS operations, CAMEL services, positioning services, and data services, such as authentication function.


Distributed architecture
All of the features entities have the linear distribution entity. Thus, it realizes smooth dynamic expansion and is easy to acquire larger capacity.
All of the features entities have the geographical distribution. So, it provides a natural disaster recovery capabilities ensuring higher reliability.

Full integration
ZXUN HLR support multi-network, multi-service integration and has the ability of evolution. It simultaneously supports both PSTN, PHS, GSM, UMTS, TD-SCDMA, CDMA, IMS, WiMAX, wide-narrow-band access network user data storage and service processes. It is integrated with SHLR, PHS HLR, GSM / UMTS HLR, CDMA HLRe, HSS, EIR, MNP, FNR, AAA and other network elements.
ZXUN HLR realizes easily network evolution, network element integration and management; benefits to the introduction of new services and the service integration; facilitates data mining and analysis capabilities. With data fusion, it leads to easy integration or converged services. The Operators regain control of network, users, and services from converged data application, which enhances the commercial value of primary data.

Open interface
ZXUN HLR supports the loosely coupled data and services. It realizes the linear expansion based on requirement; greatly reduces the operational time of the introduction service time and loads the service online. Open interface provides a strong guarantee for many manufacturers’ faster development and customized service.

High reliability
ZXUN HLR adopts memory / local disk / Magnetic Array Three-tier data storage mechanism, and fully guarantees the user data security to help operators to establish a highly efficient, highly reliable, and highly secure network.

Large capacity, high integration, high-performance
ZXUN HLR have a large capacity, high integration, high-performance products and it can effectively reduce the network element node, to simplify the network structure, lower investment and operation and maintenance costs.