ZTE communication packet data service node ZXPDSS P200 is the core entity to realize the exchange of the packet data during the step of CDMA2000 1X/EV-DO, and realizes the access function of the CDMA2000 1X/EV-DO mobile user's wireless packet data to the internet/Intranet. It provides the Simple IP and Mobile IP packet data access, and supports EV-DO Rev.A, multi business connection, QoS guarantee, grouping prepay, VPN access, and BCMCS function.


High capability production based on the ZTE communication unified platform
ZXPDSS P200 system with the advanced structure has well expandability and smooth updating ability, which makes the network expanding and develop easily.
ZXPDSS P200 adopts the structure of medium plane departing with the control plane. Both of the two planes can be configured separately, and offers the high concurrence and the high data retransmission.
ZXPDSS P200 offers a whole set of grouped production and plan to meet a variety of access and user friendly operation interface.

Abundant operation managing function
ZXPDSS P200 supports 1X/EVDO Rev.0/EVDO Rev.A, multi operation connection and multi streaming, and VoIP/VT enhancing multi streaming (EMFPA).
ZXPDSS P200 supports all-round billing function including prepayment, after payment, following various domestic and international charging access rules and convenient to make diversified charging strategy.
ZXPDSS P200 supports police data sniffing function, following the China standard, ETS, CALEA, and VERINT access rule.

Well compatibility and expanding ability
ZXPDSS P200 strictly follows 3GPP2, CCSA and the related standard and access rules made by China telecom, with well interoperability and compatibility.
ZXPDSS P200 design adopts the structure of multilevel and modularization, the medium plane and the control plane both own the flexible expanding ability and can be configured flexibly based on network requirements.

High reliability system
ZXPDSS P200 hardware adopts Omni directional double-star redundancy structure, supporting veneer redundancy backup mechanism, offering the reliable guarantee to the data channel and control channel, offering anti interference and anti lightning strike, protecting mechanism for electrical source, etc.
ZXPDSS P200 software adopts distributional redundancy design system, supporting over loading control, flux control, heating main backup, heating mend and local communication list conserving, offering perfect system running supervising mechanism, making sure the system runs stably and the user information and communication list will not be lost
ZXPDSS P200 adopts perfect double net double plane structure, offering port and routing function, supporting disaster recovery backup mechanism.

Easy run and management
ZXPDSS P200 offers local OMM, higher-up EMS's classification net managing mechanism, supporting CORBA, SNMP, FTP many kinds north direction access, and is convenient to set up centralized net manage.
ZXPDSS P200 offers figuring (GUI) and ordering (CLI) operation maintain ways, which makes convenient to maintain and manage simply and efficiently.