ZXUN RCP is a customized product to realize policy and charging control for various networks of operators. Complying with 3GPP PCC, TISPAN RACS, and WiMAX PCC, RCP converges the network elements (NEs) that perform policy control functions in various policy control architectures. Besides, it supports policy and charging control functions for multiple access networks such as PSTN, GSM, UMTS, TD-SCDMA, CDMA, IMS, WiMAX, and WLAN.


  • Multiple NE Convergence, Flexible Networking
    ZXUN RCP converges policy control NE functions in various policy control architecture (e.g., PCRF functions in PCC architecture and SPDF/x-RACF functions in RACS architecture), and provides abundant interfaces and policy control functions for multiple access networks, thereby simplifying networking.
  • Rich and Flexible Policy Rules and Subscription Model, Catering to Users' Demands
    ZXUN RCP provides rich and flexible PCC rules based on user level, APN, time, accumulated usage, service ID, etc., so it provides flexible service package according to users' demands. Accordingly, ZXUN RCP executes customized control policies such as admission control, gating, QoS control, charging, and usage control on specific users' specific services, thereby satisfying operators' demands on subdividing customer group and expanding services.
  • High Integration, Low Power Consumption
    ZXUN RCP adopts ZTE ETCA platform, in which processing capability of one service board is 2000 TPS, maximum processing capability under full configuration of 5 shelves is 54000 TPS, user capacity is 21 M, footprint is merely 0.96 m2, and maximum power consumption is lower than 11 KW. Thus, ZXUN RCP provides high processing capability per unit area and significantly reduces equipment footprint and power consumption, to satisfy operators' networking requirements of low cost and low power consumption, and construct green network with low TCO.
  • Smooth Expandability and Evolution, Investment Protection
    ZXUN RCP adopts modular design, realizes linear expansion by adding boards and shelves, without interrupting existing services, supports smoothly expanding online users from 500K to 21M, and simplifies expansion procedures. ZXUN RCP executes policy control functions in multiple access networks simultaneously, and ensures telecom network to smoothly evolve to LTE/EPC and IMS through only software upgrading, thereby protecting operators' existing investment.
Till 2011Q2, ZXUN RCP has already been deployed in dozens of countries, including China Mobile, HongKong CSL, Indonesia PT Smart, Germany KPN E-PLUS, Montenegro Telenor, Portugal ZAPP, Malaysia DiGi, French OMT, etc.