Depended on the accumulated abundant technology in the network, multimedia, services and other fields, ZTE has always been committed to the integration and innovation of videoconferencing products and has achieved brilliant results: The first one company established R&D center for videoconferencing in China in 1994; In 1996, the earliest one who had its own intellectual property rights; In 1998 ZTE became the first overseas exporter of videoconferencing product. In recent years, new applications are continued to be matured by ZTE.

Broad Customer Base & Various Application Scenarios

Remote business
Product release
Road show
College distance running
Employee Training
Remote Interview
Sharon tutor students
Remote continuing education
Expert teleconsultation
Remote operation to observe
Remote emergency medical
Video salon
Remote ad litem
Off-site litigation and court & prison visits

Video Conferencing Solutions for Enterprises: Advantages

Improve the efficiency of communications between the enterprise branch offices to reduce travel costs;
More cost-effective, easier to install, easier to use;
A large number of user groups;
Competiviely priced products for agents and distributors;
Maintenance-free design, to avoid the complexity of the follow-up project;
Flexible network;
Rental port for enterprise;
Decentralization sub-domain management;
IVVR terminal self meeting.

ZTE VCS: Customer Points of Interest

Highly integrated meeting platform;

IVVR navigation control;

Integratedly designed terminals for easy wiring;

Easy to maintain and easy to use.
Excellence in VC Terminal (2010, by Forst & Sullivan)

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