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                                                                 --iOTN Full-Service Bearer Solution

Currently the all-IP trend of telecommunication service and evolution of IP network have brought huge challenge for transport network. The FMC trend and deployment of cluster router require the transport network to have multi-service bearer capability and larger bandwidth as well as the capability to adapt to MESH typology structure.

Meanwhile, viewing from the course of technological progress, domestic and overseas mainstream operators have more and higher requirements such as IP-based, intelligent, green and eco-friendly for WDM technology after point-to-point WDM and OTN. Therefore, iOTN solution integrated with OTN, control plane, λ-level and sub-λ-level cross-connection and L2 switching technology has become the development direction of next-generation optical network.

On the basis of iOTN solution issued in 2009, ZXONE 8000 series have been further improved in intelligent service grooming capability and system integration, with system power consumption effectively reduced; they are leading the trend of future optical network development. ZXMP M721, focusing on the application of metro edge, has compact size and any-rate-service access and aggregation capability, in addition, it can support service self-cognition and hybrid transmission of DWDM and CWDM.

iOTN Advantages

Core concept of iOTN: IP-based, intelligent, and highly integrated.

1.   Strong IP access: iOTN is the multi-service unified transport platform with a
wide variety of IP-based interfaces for data equipment such as switch, router and BRAS, enabling simultaneous access of TDM services and SAN storage services. It supports any-rate-service access from 34Mbit/s~4.25Gbit/s.
2.   Complete OAM: in full support of OTN interfaces specified in G.709, iOTN can implement refined management on service signals. It also supports multi-domain network management and realizes interworking between multi-vendor equipment.

1.   Multi-layer service grooming
iOTN supports three service scheduling modes: ROADM optical layer scheduling, OTN electrical layer cross-connection and L2 switching; diversified provisioning granularities such as ODUk, GE, 2.5G, 10GE are available; it adapts to more application scenarios and more network layers.
ROADM optical layer scheduling: provide agile 9-degree scheduling, and support cost-effective 2-degree scheduling at the same time;
OTN electrical layer cross-connection: support large-capacity ODUk switching platform, and allow flexible selection of configuration based on traffic;
L2 switching: support bandwidth statistic multiplexing function and enable efficient transmission of L2 services.
2.   Carrier-class reliable protection
Banking on ZTE’s proven track record in engineering and technical strengths in the field of optical network protection, fiber-level, λ-level, sub-λ-level and L2 protection modes are available:
Fiber-level: line 1+1 protection, optical multiplex section shared protection;
λ-level: optical channel shared protection, optical channel 1+1 protection;
Sub-λ-level: sub-λ channel 1+1 protection, sub-λ channel shared protection;
L2: ESR protection
3.   WASON control plane
Support WASON based on optical layer and electrical layer, and offer intelligent features, such as rapid service provisioning, multi-node failure protection and classes of services.
4.   Excellent network management scheme
Provide network planning software ZXTOP and network management software NMS/EMS.

Highly integrated:
1.   Small size: small-size board and highly integrated sub-rack vastly reduce equipment room space;
2.   Low power consumption: new product technology and power-saving design effectively decrease equipment power consumption;
3.   Green and eco-friendly: green material, green packing and green transportation are in full compliance with all environmental standards.

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