ZXMBW ASN-GW is the access gateway of WiMAX provided by ZTE. It provides centralized management and distributed control, which controls and manages the large capacity mobile network. In addition, it provides the powerful disposing ability. ZXMBW ASN-GW smoothly increases disposing ability and offers economical flexible network optimization plan.


Advanced design concept
ZXMBW ASN-GW follows NWG stage2/3 standard and supports fixed, mobile network etc.
ZXMBW ASN-GW is based on all IP software and hardware platform. The inner of the system is designed according to the concept of carrying and controlling separating, which reduces the whole system developing and maintaining cost.

Flexible organizing network capacity
ZXMBW ASN-GW provides opening interface. The inner dynamic routing function organizes the IP network flexibly.

Powerful operation function

ZXMBW ASN-GW supports the mobile user's fast access, fault disposing and operation maintenance function, mobile user's grouping data routing transmission, and various operations.

Well compatibility and expandability

ZXMBW ASN-GW design adopts the structure of multilevel and modularization, which enables smooth capacity expansion and provides user flexibility of access. The user can easily configure according to requirements.
ZXMBW ASN-GW supports the smooth updating from minimum to maximum capacity and configures reasonable quantity operations, such as disposing part and grouped data disposing part, based on the user's capacity.

High usability and high powered design guarantee
ZXMBW ASN-GW introduces the way of control plane departing with user’s plane, distributing disposing design concept and each agreement disposing part working separately. The wrong in one part will not influence other parts. High powered processer chip makes sure the system’s strong disposing ability, offering the enhanced power and smooth expansion communication function for the system
Redundancy design ensures the high reliability of working the telecom equipment.ZXMBW ASN-GW design takes several measures to ensure the equipments' high reliability, offering all the public resource veneer and core agreement disposing veneer 1+1 redundancy backup, access board and user’s plane disposing board N+M backup, supporting the entire veneer hot swap, fully assuring ZXMBW ASN-GW system telecom level’s reliability and stability.

Complete the operating system
ZXMBW ASN-GW provides both local and remote access. Its operation and maintenance system can be local or remote. It maintains the whole system as well as provides specific physical maintenance. In addition, it provides multi-level permission to improve safety and protection. Its Network management system has friendly interface, which provides various functions and flexible networking. It can centralized manage all kinds of network element of WiMAX.