With the social development in recent years, service demands are ever increasing. Multi-services need more bandwidth for access network. The FTTX solution bases on xPON technology complies with the access network topology features with small-size passive ODN, and excellent adaptability, without electromagnetic and lightning interference to reduce the equipment fault ratio. The distance that is longer than 20 km from the OLT to the ONU is in line with the construction idea of key central offices (CO).

To meet the operators’ development requirements for xPON technology to provide high-bandwidth, multiple services, QoS, security with efficiency for the users and to reduce network CAPEX (cost and planning on equipment and cables) and OPEX (operation and maintenance cost and services), ZTE launches ZXA10 C220 equipment to provide stable technology and service platform for the access network construction and service improvement on basis of the thorough comprehension on the network development.

ZXA10 C220 is big/middle OLT equipment with high density, high bandwidth and scalable office end equipment of passive optical access. ZXA10 C220 is a unified xPON access platform that provides access and management control for a full series of services including HSI, VoIP, TDM, IPTV, CATV, mobile 2G/3G, and WiFi, as well as carrier-class QoS, security, and reliability guarantees. ZXA10 C220 supports EPON, GPON and 10GEPON. It supports kinds of FTTx application modes.

Values to Customer

1.     Unified platform for EPON and GPON protects operator’s investment
ZXA10 C220 supports EPON and GPON line cards. EPON or GPON services can be flexibly provided as required, which save time and protect investment.

2.     Multiple interfaces to meet requirements of different scenarios
The system has different kinds of network, service and OAM interfaces, the interfaces are open and compatible.

3.     High density and performance design
Integrate optical access, data switching and route disposal in one shelf, large amount of subscribers are supported, this help save shelf, rack and equipment room, very easy for investment protection and expansion.

4.     Carrier class reliability to reduce operation
Key parts of the platform support full redundancy for active/standby unit, including core switch-fabric, cards/interfaces, and power supply and management modules. On the other hand, fiber protection is supported to assure access of important users.
5.     Operable and manageable to save OPEX

Have good management, monitoring and testing functions for easy maintenance and fault diagnosis. Support local and remote management and terminal management as well.

6.     Save energy, low power consumption and harmless materials for green communication

It has strict control on power consumption, heat dissipation and noise to ensure the least effect on environment.

7.     Easy for upgrade and migration

Support local and remote upgrade, it also supports 10G EPON network through inserting 10G EPON card in the existing shelf, this help protect existing investment. 
ZXA10 C220


The unified platform for EPON/GPON /10GEPON.

Abundant service support capability for IPTV, VoIP, HSI, VPN, CATV, mobile backhaul and others.

Service differentiation: Comprehensive QoS mechanisms for voice, video and high speed Internet services, support DBA,FEC, IGMP V1/2/3, IGMP snooping and proxy.

Higher security assurance: Support AES, ONT authentication, user ID identification, port isolation, addresses binding, packet filtering, broadcast packet limitation, support anti IP-spoofing and anti DOS-attacking.

Flexible topologies: Various uplink/downlink interfaces and subtending interfaces.

High reliability: key parts redundancy, support Type B and Type C protection for PON downlink and LACP/ STP/RSTP/MSTP for uplink.