Multiple play services, the opportunity to offer varieties of bundled high-speed data, voice and video services to the subscribers is the driving force for growth in the domain of access network. The subscriber market for multiple play is large and growing and includes both residential and businesses customers. Telecom operators are looking for high-bandwidth access solutions to deliver not only Multiple Play services but also other new services such as distance learning, interactive gaming and telemedicine, IPTV, VoD.

Based on that requirement, ZTE launches its medium sized multi-service access gateway ZXA10 C350M to meet service provider’s demands and trends of access layer network.

Values to Customer

True IP core, full GE architecture
Based on the advanced IP+TDM dual-bus architecture, ZTE’s MSAN processes each service with the most appropriate technology, and it guarantees enough bandwidth for each subscriber based on the architecture of GE bandwidth to each slot.

Powerful access provisioning capability
The MSAN not only supports legacy narrowband access, but also supports emerging broadband access, such as copper-based xDSL access, fiber-based xPON access, FE/GE LAN access etc. VDSL2 and EPON/GPON is supported.

High Service Capability
ZXA10 C350M has powerful narrowband service and broadband service processing capabilities.
up to 56G non-blocked Ethernet switching capability to meet different broadband service requirements
16Kx16K non-blocked TDM switching capability for TDM service
50K BHCA VoIP service processing capability

Flexible adaptation to upper layer network
The MSAN can connect to PTSN and NGN/IMS network for voice service, and can connect IP network for data service.

Perfect IPTV service support
The MSAN can support 3-level multicast replication to optimize the usage of bandwidth. And the software package of IPTV service management system embedded in the MSAN to guarantee the Quality of Experience (QoE).

Service aware platform based on QoS mechanism
The MSAN can give differentiated service to different service or different customers based on the QoS mechanism.

High adaptability to diversified environment
ZTE provides series product models, including different capacity and different application environment (indoor and outdoor type), to meet different requirements.

Strong Reliability
The MSAN adopts reliability in terms of hardware, software and networking to ensure the robustness of the system. The MSAN has been applied to the global telecom networks on a large scale and feature carrier-class reliability.

Powerful NMS, flexible configuration and management
The MSAN can be managed as one network element both for narrowband and broadband service. It can also be separate so as to adapt to the existing maintenance structure of the carriers. The NMS system can fulfill end to end service management and provide abundant north-bound interfaces to the TMN center.


■    Multi-service access on single platform: ADSL2/2+, VDSL2, SHDSL,EPON/GPON, FE/GE as well as traditional narrow services like POTS, ISDN, etc.

■    Dual BUS architecture: advanced IP and TDM dual switching fabric to guarantee high-efficient service forwarding.

■    High performance and capacity: up to 10Gbits to slot, wire-speed forwarding.

■    IPTV service delivery: IGMP, Snooping, proxy, multicast VLAN, CAC, Preview (PRV) and CDR. Support up to 1k multicast groups.

■    Sound security function: User ID identification, port isolation, address binding, packet filtering, broadcast packet suppression.

■    Service-aware QoS: Comprehensive QoS mechanism for voice, video and high speed Internet services.

■    Network resiliency: Carrier class design with redundant power and control/switch module, hot-pluggable line cards.