The ZXDSL 9210 is large-capacity universal IP-DSLAM equipment designed to meet carriers’ requirements for CO-side deployment. Based on the existing twisted pair lines, the system implements the ”last kilometer” broadband data access for small-sized office, SOHO, telecom VOD and the high-speed Internet.


  • Rich services supported in one platform: the system supports ADSL1/2/2+, VDSL1/2, SHDSL, as well as 10Mbs, 100Mbs and 1000Mbs access;
  • Flexible networking: offer various types of network, service, maintenance interface and test interfaces, meet the demands of different environments and services, and support various network topologies like star, chain and hybrid;
  • High guarantee in IP QOS: support various QOS mechanisms such as queue scheduling, flow classification, traffic monitoring, port rate limiting, traffic mirror, etc;
  • Powerful IPTV service support: The system supports IGMP Router/IGMP Snooping/IGMP Proxy. Besides, the system has a series of enhanced functionalities for the support of IPTV, such as Channel Access Control (CAC), Preview (PRV), Call Detail Record (CDR) and MVLAN( Multicast VLAN Register);
  • User-friendly management interface: ZTE integrated network management platform NetNumen provides user-friendly management interface for ZXDSL9210 through standard SNMP;
  • High reliability and security: thesystem adopts carrier-class reliability design, ensuring high security and reliability.