ZXDSL 9806H is a multi-service access integration equipment based on IP. ZXDSL 9806H is designed as an all-service access platform which works not only as a small-scaled traditional DSLAM but also works for FTTB, FTTC/FTTCab solution, and provide multiple networking formats such as xPON and GE uplink and VDSL2/ADSL2 and FE downlink. Via ZXDSL 9806H, traditional services which have been bear by copper cables, such as ISDN, DDN and CES services, can migrate to PON network smoothly in “Replacement of Copper Cables by Optical Fibers” projects’ construction. This solution provides an integrated scheme for carriers in network transformation and convergence.

It is widely used in multi-service bearing networks by domestic and international top-end carriers due to its carrier-class operation and management multicast system and powerful QoS properties.

Values to Customer

Small size, big heart
Support up to 96/128 lines ADSL2+ or 64/96 lines VDSL2 or 96/192/256 line VOIP or 96SHDSL or 64FE in 2U-height space.
The sole MDU device in industry with xPON and GE/FE uplink provided simultaneously.

Differential services
Powerful QoS mechanism.
Strict security policy.
Customizable multicast control mechanism.

Comprehensive maintenance capability and significantly lower OPEX for operators
Beyond network element management, support circuit-based and home network-based failure diagnosis, covering all failure points.
Automatic remote monitoring, unattended.

Strong environment self adaptability, flexible and rapid roll-out for operators
Suitable for various installation like indoor or outdoor wall mounting, pole installation.
Adapt to a variety of adverse environmental conditions, wide temperature range: -35~55℃.

Green, environment-friendly and energy saving
Lowest consumption in industry, 30% lower than EU CoC requirements.
Low noise.
Harmless materials.
ZXDSL 9806H has won the following international awards for its technical innovation and eco-friendly design:

InfoVision Award by BBWF in 2007
“Best Green Innovation” Award in SOFNET high-end forum organized by IEC in London
“Science and Technology Progress” Award in Guangdong China in 2008