ZXMSG 5200 is a new-generation Multi-Service Access Network (MSAN) that provides triple-play services such as voice, data and video. It integrates the standalone functionalities of traditional Digital Loop Carrier (DLC), IP DSLAM, next-generation Voice over IP (VoIP) media gateway and Passive Optical Network ( xPON) on a single multi-service platform. ZXMSG 5200 is located in the access layer of NGN/IMS network. It can adapt to the traditional PSTN/ISDN network and cater to the multi-services demands of various subscribers efficiently. ZXMSG 5200 offers operators an ideal strategy for migrating from TDM to IP-based voice and data services.

Values to Customer

Inherit all traditional services from PSTN and DDN, subscriber’s operation habit will not be changed, prevent customer lost via the promotion of customer’s loyalty

Multi-service access capability, decrease CAPEX and increase ARPU

Various outdoor cabinet which significant suit for diversity scenario, provide flexible and fast deployment solution for operators
         No need additional power supply, MDF and other facilities
         Automatic remote supervision and control
         Accommodate diversity harsh environment, broad temperature range -40~55℃

Unified management for broadband and narrowband subscriber and service, decrease OPEX efficiently

High bandwidth to advance the taste of users and increase the income of Operator.

Future-oriented, protection of investment 
         Take full advantage of existing copper and optical cable resource
         Smoothly migrate to support IMS as a multi-service access gateway
         Support FTTx application, and smoothly upgrade to support 10G EPON or NG-PON


Unified multi-service access platform, universal slots for broadband and narrowband service cards

Fully GE/10GE system architecture, cater for IP-based network evolution strategy

Modular design, easy to expand for supporting latest technology and adding newly-services

Full traditional narrowband services supporting capability
Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS)
ISDN Basic Rate Access (BRA)
ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI)
N*64K Leased Line
64K or lower rate leased line
2M transparent transmission

Abundant broadband service interfaces
ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ interface
VDSL2 interface
SHDSL(Based on ATM)  interface
SHDSL.bis(EFM) interface
LAN interface
EPON interface
GPON interface

VoIP services
IP-based Voice
T.30 and T.38 FAX over IP
Transparent transmission Modem over IP

Adapt to applications in diversiform occasion such as indoor and outdoor

Face to the amalgamation of network and Flexible uplink to IMS, SS and PSTN
Support IPv4 and IPv6 two protocols at the same time
Abundant uplink network protocols supported: V5, Z interface, H.248, MGCP, SIP, etc.
Flexible uplink network interface type: E1, STM-1, FE, GE, 10GE, EPON and GPON