With further development on broadband networks, the number of 1000Mbps ports are increasingly used for all latest generation terminal equipment, 1000Mbps to the desktop is the trend. ZXR10 5900E series L3 Gigabit Intelligent Ethernet switch adopts high-speed ASIC forwarding chips.It supports complete family of Ethernet protocols, complete L3 routing protocols, efficient QOS priority mechanisms and flexible management mechanisms. Providing high-density GE ports, it provides the required access and aggregation features of GE interface for IP MAN or campus networks. It is an ideal product for constructing the core of campus networks and the aggregation layer of IP MAN.
ZXR10 5900E

Architecture and Key Components

The ZXR10 5900E series routing switches are designed with leading ASIC hardware forwarding technologies, where all forwarding functions are performed by hardware, thus ensuring wire-speed forwarding capability of the ports. The ASIC can perform L2 switching, IPv4 routing, IPv6 routing, and L2-L7 traffic filtering at wire speed.

The hardware system of ZXR10 5952E/5928E/5928E-FI consists of one main control board and some service cards. As per different functions these modules have, they can be classified into switching and control module, power supply module and interface module.

The software system of ZXR10 5900E series uses ZXROS modular large-scale routing platform software as its core. As a result of our long years’ efforts in data products, this platform software also serves the ZXR10 series high-end routers and switches. It provides a great variety of protocol stacks required for L2, L3 and IPv6, and provides unified interfaces to its lower layers. The distributed operating system platform provides the system with operating system support, and provides all basic elements to be invoked by all software applications.

The NM and Operation & Maintenance module provides user management interface for the switch. This module allows users to manage and operate with the switch through a wide variety of means such as RS232 interface, Telnet, SSH, and SNMP, etc.

ZXR10 5900E series has been deployed in commercial networks for years.


  • Carrier-Class Reliability
    ZXR10 5900E series uses modular power supply system to provide redundant backup. By supporting hotswappable mechanism, it features powerful recovery capability when encountering disaster and flexible failure processing capability. All line-out is designed on front including power cable and net cable. It supports 3-port alarm input and 5-port controlling.
  • Wire-Speed Forwarding and Filtering
    ASIC hardware switching is used to ensure the wire-speed forwarding of L2, L3 and IPv6 packets. ASIC hardware filtering is used to ensure packets filtering on L2-L7 and wire-speed performance of L2-L4 ACL.
  • IPTV Controllable Multicast
    ZXR10 5900E supports complete controllable multicasting protocols, including IGMP Snooping /IGMP Filter /IGMP Fast Leave /IGMP Proxy, CAC channel access control, PRV channel preview, multicasting VLAN registration and multicasting service management.
    ZXR10 5900E supports multicast routing protocols such as IGMP, PIM-DM/SM, MSDP and MBGP, etc
  • IPv6 Ready
    ZTE ZXR10 5900E and ZXROS platform has passed IPv6 Forum test and obtain IPv6 Ready Phase-2 Gold Logo. It supports IPv6 without any hardware replacement.
  • Energy Saving and Environment Protection
    With windless and mute fan system, the low power consumption of ZXR10 5900E is famous in the industry. ZXR10 5900E have 220mm deep, small size, light weight and large capacity, which help the carrier to save the energy and reduce the requirements for deployment environment efficiently.
  • Interfaces
    Providing high-density GE ports, ZXR10 5900E provides the required access and aggregation features of GE interface for IP MAN or campus networks. Therefore, it is an ideal product for the construction of the core of campus networks and the aggregation layer of IP MAN.