ZXR10 M6000 series router is a brand-new generation Broadband Multi-service Gateway with large capacity and high performance, which made by ZTE particularly for the coming era of tri-networks convergence, mobile internet, IPv6, internet of things and cloud computing. It is the optimal choice for the construction of operator backbone network, MAN, mobile bearer network, internet data center, government network and intranet.
ZXR10 M6000 series router


  • High performance and low consumption takes lead in green communication
    It supports wire-speed forwarding at 40G/100G interface, smooth upgrade to 400G, with management and control of huge quantity of user access. It implements various energy-saving technologies, reduces OAM costs, and protect prior investment.
  • Flexible interface type makes whatever networking needed
    It provides various high-density WAN and LAN interface, which makes networking more flexible. It provides customers with low-cost and individualized network solution to meet diversified network needs.
  • Intelligent software system guarantees non-stop service
    It builds modular and fully distributed software with high reliability. Its functional unit can be dynamically and intelligently loaded, easily unloaded, and used to flexibly expand new services. It supports multiple hot standby mechanisms to guarantee non-stop services.
  • Flexibly deploy services to help with fine operation
    It precisely differentiates user levels and service types. Its HQoS guarantees differentiated service, helps with fine operation. It provides video accelarator, clock synchronization, and value-added service such as CGN to improve service operation and revenue.
  • Integrated service gateway simplifies network architecture
    SR and BRAS/BNG functions are integrated to build BMSG so as to realize flat network and improve network bearing efficiency.