The ZXSDR BS8906E is an outdoor micro BS based on the SDR. It is used to modulate and demodulate baseband, transmit and demodulate RF signal, allocate radio resource, perform call processing, power control and soft handoff.

With All-IP design, the ZXSDR BS8906E is an outdoor micro BS in the distributed architecture. A single BS8906E can support 12 CS CDMA2000 1X + 1xEV-DO service, and support 3 sectors capacity. The ZXSDR BS8906E features small size, light weight, multi-band and convenient capacity expansion. It is suitable for outdoor applications with small capacity and low cost.

Values to Customer

By taking full consideration of operators’demands, the ZXSDR BS8906E offers the following unparalleled advantages:

A single ZXSDR BS8906E can support CDMA2000 1X and EV-DO services simultaneously, which is suitable for application scenarios such as suburban and rural areas, highways and blind zones.

The ZXSDR BS8906E is the most cost-effective multi-carrier outdoor micro base station, which can help you to reduce the network construction cost.

The ZXSDR BS8906E is the smallest CDMA outdoor micro base station providing 3C4S configuration in the industry. It is easy for transport and installation, ensuring fast deployment.

The ZXSDR BS8906E can be installed on a roof, wall, tower and pole, facilitating site acquisition and simplifying site construction.

The ZXSDR BS8906E belongs to a family of green base stations. It can help you improve the social image of your company while saving the electricity expense.

By using flexible Abis interface, the ZXSDR BS8906E supports transmission solutions such as TDM, IP or hybrid networking of TDM and IP.

With the best transmission efficiency in the industry, the ZXSDR BS8906E can significantly reduce the transmission bandwidth and cost per user, improving your network value in fierce competition.

Front maintenance and bottom leading-out mode. All fans and lightning modules can be removed on site.

Generic BS platform
The BBU adopts a platform based on the future-proof B3G or 4G design. Therefore, different standard systems can exist in one hardware platform or in one BS. This platform can help operators simplify operation management and combine many BSs that are required to be invested into one multi-mode BS. Besides, the platform helps the operators flexibly select the evolution trend of the future network and allow the terminal users experience network transparency and smooth evolution as well.

The smooth evolution to LTE
Adopts the advanced Micro Telecom Computing Architecture (uTCA)
The uTCA adopts the standard template, compact design and block architecture, which makes the operation more effective and of higher performance-price ratio.
The power-on management mode of uTCA is more reliable.
ZTE is the first vendor to develop a BS based on the uTCA architecture and takes the lead of the advanced technology in the telecommunication industry.
Outdoor cabinet