ZTE BS8802, code name Gecko, is a brand new super-mini CDMA base station. Its tradition-surpassing architecture and application mode have been the focus of the industry. Gecko has brought revolutionary innovations, such as low cost, quick deployment, and full integration; and has effectively and perfectly satisfied operators' requirements of network construction in blind and hotspot areas.


  • Quick network deployment: the product can be transported, carried and mounted by a single person; and can be mounted on the wall, pole or ceiling; supporting AC power supply
  • Zero maintenance fee: supporting auto-configuration, self-recovery, and remote maintenance, etc.
  • Leading technical platform: supporting multi-core CPU processing technology, high-integration baseband and high-efficiency RF processing module
  • Innovative access mode: supporting the transmission over public network or dedicated network; accessing ADSL/CableModem, switch, xPON, and satellite transmission
  • Perfect clock scheme: supporting GPS, RGPS, and 1588; different clock scheme can be selected for different scenario flexibly
  • Outstanding performance: large capacity, a single base station can support 31 1x users and 64 DO users at most; wide coverage, the coverage radius of a single base station can reach 300 meters at full power
  • Supporting all-around services: supporting CDMA2000 1x, EV-DO Rev.A, and EV-DO Rev.B simultaneously

Customer Benefits

  • Lowering TCO
    Small in size, light in weight, flexible installation; lowering the site acquisition fee, transportation cost and installation fee;
    Large capability, wide coverage, saving investment in sites
    Auto-configuration, fault self-recovery, zero maintenance fee
  • Improving user experience
    Co-layout with other outdoor base stations, the convergence of the whole network brings users with smoother and seamless feeling
    Unified neighbor cell configuration, enhancing the whole network performance and user satisfaction
  • Accelerating network construction
    Flexible installation, only needing a single person for site construction; can be mounted on the pole, ceiling or wall; applicable to any complicated indoor scenario;
    Supporting transmission via IP Ethernet access, achieving indoor signal coverage without DAS system
  • Protecting environment
    Super-low radiation, bringing a new life with healthy and low-carbon communication