ZXSDR BS8900A, a new generation outdoor macro base station, provides all in one solution for power supply, battery, and transmission integration.

Values to Customer

High-Reliability Multi-ModeBBU
ZTE BBU has hot-standby design for main control board and resource pool for baseband processing. Resources are shared between GSM and UMTS, even LTE.

Large Capacity, Easy Expansion
BS8800 provides large capacity and multi-band multi-mode solution. Expansion is achieved through software configuration thanks to MCPA technology.

Baseband Pooling
BS8900A supports baseband resource pooling function based on carriers. When FS and two or three BPLs are configured, one carrier can be flexibly mapped to any BPL board. However, at the beginning of LTE network deployment, ZTE recommends that only one BPL is configured in order to reduce the operator’s CAPEX investment.
Better Performance
RSU82 supports 2T4R and downlink 2*2 MIMO, which can optimize spectrum efficiency greatly, improve network uplink performance and improve customer experience.

Low Power Consumption
The PA efficiency achieves 40% with ZTE patent Doherty + DPD + D-PT technology. Power consumption can be greatly decreased.

Adopting MicroTCA architecture, BS8900A provides FE/GE, E1/T1 interfaces and fully supports IP RAN.

Outdoor Support
BS8900A supports outdoor installation.
BS8900A Standard
BS8900A Compact