ZTE CDMA BS8900 is an outdoor integrated macro base station developed by ZTE based on its Software Definition Radio (SDR) base station platform. BS8900, with built-in power supply and transmission, adopts the open uTCA architecture leading the industry to meet operators’ outdoor large-capacity requirement and support the smooth evolution to LTE/UMB.

Values to Customer

Large capacity
● Single cabinet supports 48 carrier-sectors and 8 RF
carriers, bringing the strong capability of network
Wide coverage
● 80 W output power at the Top of Cabinet (TOC) which
is the highest in the industry, meets the wide coverage
Low power consumption
● The design of CFR + DPD + Dorherty power
amplification significantly enhances the power
ampl i f icat ion eff iciency. The RRU’s power
amplification efficiency reaches 40%, saving over 55%
power consumption as compared with the traditional

Fewer accessories
● Transmission shared by 1X and DO to reduce
transmission resources
● Natural heat dissipation to save energy
● Significantly reduced power consumption to save
power supply accessories

Smooth evolution
● Industry-leading open uTCA architecture, highly reliable
power supply management and high integration
● Smooth evolution to LTE and supp ort for
CDMA 000/WCDMA/GSM/LTE/WiMAX bas e station s
to simpli fy network manage ment