ZTE SBC (Session Border Controller) product ZXUN B200 locates in the border of IMS core network, solving various problems related to network IP address resolution and traversal, network security, QoS, etc. ZXUN B200 provides NA (P) T traversal, ALG, NAPT, signaling firewall, gating, DiffServ label and re-label, Call Admission Control (CAC), topology hiding, media traffic monitoring, etc functions.
ZXUN B200 Front Panel
ZXUN B200 Back Panel


  • Advanced System Architecture
    ZXUN B200 adopts ZTE latest ETCA (Enhanced TCA) hardware platform, the advanced switch architecture and network processing technology provides huge capacity processing ability.
  • Excellent Compatibility and Expansibility
    ZXUN B200 strictly follows TISPAN standard, which smoothly interconnects with core network product conforming to 3GPP standard.
    System uses modular design, with good expansibility and easy to develop new functions, which is convenient for smooth upgrading.
  • Flexible Networking Ability
    ZTE SBC product adopts signaling plane equipment SPE and media plane equipment MPE, in integrated or distributed deployment, which suits for solutions for small capacity and large capacity; under distributed mode, MPE can be deployed near the users, reduces alternative media, enhances QoS and releases traffic pressure on backbone network.
    ZXUN B200 provides rich external interfaces to satisfy different networking requirements.
  • Trustable Reliability
    ZXUN B200 uses hot backup mode for the key components, the automatic switch function during failures guarantees non-stop system running.
    ZXUN B200 control mode uses dual-network structure, which improves system reliability.
    ZXUN B200 supports dual-machine redundancy design, which realizes manual and automatic seamless handover, no dropped calls during handover.
    ZXUN B200 software hierarchical and modular design , disaster tolerance and overload control technologies ensures high reliability; system running monitoring and tracing mechanism, resources management, monitoring and protection mechanism helps to search and localize failures quickly, and then restores to normal status.
  • Improved Operation and Maintenance System
    ZXUN B200 provides far and near access modes, which perform local operation and maintenance, or remote O&M via the network; or maintains the whole system and specific entities.
    ZXUN B200 is featured with performance management, security management, signaling tracing, configuration management, version management, failure management, etc function. It provides various precise and reliable O&M methods, and increases related functions according to network running status and user requirements.