ZXUN xAGCF is deployed in PES (PSTN/ISDN Emulation Subsystem), provides P1 interface downwards, and accesses IMS core network via Mw interface upwards. ZXUN xAGCF serves as MGC (media gateway controller) to control media gateway entity (e.g., RG&AG), and offers PSTN/ISDN emulation service for traditional analog subscribers/family subscribers. Meanwhile, ZXUN xAGCF interacts with CSCF, AS or other network elements (NEs), to realize interconnection between RG&AG subscribers and IMS network.


  • High Performance, Low Power Consumption
    ZXUN xAGCF adopts multi-path and multi-core general hardware platform based on ETCA (Enhanced TCA), which has advantages of higher capacity, higher integrity, higher reliability, and higher cost effectiveness, compared with server platform. Thanks to the features of advanced technical indexes and stable performance, ZXUN xAGCF is suitable for large-scale commercial networking.
  • AbundantAccess Capability
    ZXUN xAGCF supports accessing of H.248, MGCP, NCS, V5, V5ISDN, ISDN, H.323 subscribers, as well as original softswitch SIP subscribers.
  • Carrier-Class High Reliability
    In terms of hardware design, ZXUN xAGCF supports dual-board hot backup function of main control board and increases equipment reliability. All interface boards support hot plugging, and support online board replacement, to reduce service interruption time caused by replacing boards.
    In terms of software design, ZXUN xAGCF adopts multi-instance memory database, increases efficiency and security for concurrently visiting data, and significantly increases overall system reliability.
    ZXUN xAGCF supports geographic redundancy networking in active/standby mode and load-sharing mode.
  • Standard Protocol Interface
    ZXUN xAGCF uses standard protocols to communicate with various media gateways, terminals and networks. The standard protocols include: H.248, SIP, Diameter, MGCP, NCS, V5, H.323, DSS1, etc.
  • Outstanding Expansion Capability
    ZXUN xAGCF system structure uses hierarchical model, and each layer is independent from one another.
    ZXUN xAGCF system design uses distributed mode. In both hardware design and system processing capability design, ZXUN xAGCF sufficiently considers subscribers' expansion requirements in the future, so that it can conveniently realize smooth expansion, and sufficiently protect operators' investment. ZXUN xAGCF uses ZTE's all-IP ETCA hardware platform. ETCA platform has modular overlapping structure, and desirable scalability. By using flexible expansion from board level, rack level, to shelf level, ZXUN xAGCF sufficiently satisfies smooth expansion requirements.