ZXV10 T700 - High Definition Pioneer
Introducing ZXV10 T700, a brand new camera integrated, high definition video conference terminal, is very easy to deploy in the meeting room. It supports 1080p definition and broadband audio, able to provide the excellent video and audio signal, meet the requirements of medium and small enterprise user and home user.
ZXV10 T700
T700 can be mounted on wall or LCD


Smooth and Fluent High Definition Image
Definition reaches 1080p 30fps and 720p 60fps, smooth and fluent
rich colorful display, delighted audio performance.

Easy Deploy and Lower Maintenance Cost
When you deploy the T700, you’ll find out that it is convenient as deploy a TV set. Also it is very easy to operate and maintain.

Compact Design
By using certain frames, T700 can be deployed in many places, such as on the LDC TV, on the wall, or on the ceiling, which makes our customers to deploy the meeting room effectively.

Self IP Network Management, Customized Services
Compatible with video/audio package lost backup, FEC, and QoS, guarantee the video/audio smooth and influence at 10% package lost, also supports the self-adaptive MTU, automatic bandwidth configuration, NAT, and priority transmission (according to the content, such as video, file), completely uses the network resources, ensure the stability of the meeting process.