Introducing the ZXV10 M900, an enterprise level high definition video conferencing server, based on an integrated design to reduce rack space and allow for easy operating networking. The M900 allows both operators and large scale enterprise businesses to lease terminal licensing portals to customers that may not be able to make the investment in purchasing an MCU. Main features include the use of industry wide standard protocols and functions such as ITU-T H.323 and IETF SIP, 720p, 1080p, IVVR, WEB monitoring, continues presence, H.235 encryption, H.239 dual streaming, T.140 message and title.
ZXV10 M900


Highly Integrated Design Allows For Efficiency
M900 supports multiple protocols, built-in WEB server, embedded Gate keeper function, H.460 NAT, signal and multimedia gateway functions, convenient access to different subnet for network building, which can make the communication between different organizations much more convenient.

HD Continuous Presence to Enhance User Experience
M900 supports up to 20 1080p CP (Continuous Presence), WEB control, different combined mode, and remote camera control in other meeting rooms.

Customized Services to Meet Executive Demand
Based on the powerful function of IVVR, the meeting participants are able to create and import meeting, also to see
meeting room by selecting, have real-time interaction. With universal port, users can access meeting by different speed
and definition, join the same meeting, and ensure everyone getting the best video and audio experience.

Excellent Network Adaptability, Security Guaranteed
M900 is fully compatible of H.235 (encryption), FEC (Forward Error Correction), minimize video quality impact in the congested IP network. Also, M900 supports automatic speed, QoS, remote update and upgrade management, multicast the content of meeting to PC users, adapt to different network environments.